Truck Challenge

In January 2015, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashua received a very generous donation from a long-time supporter and donor. This donation is specifically for the purpose of purchasing two new trucks, one for our ReStore and another for our home building crew.

Our donor has challenged us to match the funding we received so that we can purchase these new vehicles this spring. With several exciting projects slated for 2015, these trucks could not come at a better time for us, and we need YOUR HELP to make it happen.

We are asking you to give up one of your regular morning coffees and donate that $5 to our Habitat Truck Challenge. Your $5 WILL make a difference! To make your donation, please use the form below.

ReStore Box Truck
Our ReStore donation pick-up box truck is a crucial piece in making our ReStore a successful, ongoing operation. ReStore volunteers use the box truck to pick up donations of furniture and building materials from generous community members, who otherwise would not have the capability to bring those items to the store. The ReStore box truck enables thousands of dollars in revenue for Habitat, all of which supports building more Habitat homes in the Greater Nashua community.

Prior to the store opening, Skillings & Sons in Nashua generously donated a used box truck, which remains our current ReStore truck today. The truck has seen tremendous use since then and is now on its last leg. The deterioration of the vehicle is cause for concern and will soon become a potential liability for volunteers that use the truck. If our truck completely breaks down, it will bring a large branch of our ReStore business to a complete halt, leading to decreased donations, sales and, ultimately, funding for Habitat homes.

Build Site Truck
Building and renovating affordable homes is at the crux of our mission and without the appropriate equipment, we cannot continue to do our job in an efficient, cost-effective and timely manner.

We use our build truck to bring tools, building materials, and safety equipment to our projects, including both our home construction projects and our small repair and handicapped accessibility projects. Additionally, we provide tools and safety equipment for our group volunteers, which encourages volunteers with little or no construction experience to become engaged in our efforts.

Our current build truck is an older, 1990’s vintage 14’ box truck we have had since 2005. Unfortunately, our current build truck is showing frame, suspension and box corrosion. The truck’s condition is rapidly approaching the point where further repairs will be cost prohibitive.

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