Sell or Donate Land to Habitat for Humanity

Our biggest challenge is finding property on which we can build houses. Each time we build, many families apply to be homeowners. The need for affordable housing is great, and we need your help to find our next property. To discuss a potential donation or opportunity, please e-mail

What type of property are we seeking?
The most affordable property to build on is a lot on a public road with direct access to utilities. However, we are open to creative thinking and explore all possibilities. This includes a multiple lot piece of property that would provide land to build a number of houses over several years.

I have a small piece of land, but it may not be buildable.
Talk to us. Due to the severe shortage of affordable housing, municipalities are often willing to work with us on variances that would not be available for standard development.

What if the property already has a building on it?
If the building is in good structural shape, we may be able to do a rehab. If the building is not suitable for a rehab, we can often get funds through grants for the demolition and clearing of the property. Again, we explore all possibilities!

Why should I donate my land to Greater Nashua Habitat for Humanity?
The most fundamental reason is the feeling of contribution you get from helping less fortunate families build a stable life as homeowners in your community. There are also significant tax benefits from donating the land. Talk to us to discuss additional benefits.

I want to help, but I need to get some money from the property.
If you are willing to sell the property at a price substantially below market prices, you will still be eligible for tax advantages, and we may be able to reach a price that allows us to achieve our home pricing targets.

For more information, please call (603) 883-0295 or e-mail